Mason and Staithes

An important large Staithes watercolour by Mason has recently been acquired by the Mitchell Collection

Very few exhibition quality paintings of Staithes by Mason are currently traced even though he was an important members of the Staithes Art Club

This picture rivals similar compositions by Laura and Harold Knight which also show fisherman on the staithe worried about colleagues still at sea during a storm. Mason , however , adds the launch of the lifeboat  for extra dramatic effect.

Recent news and discoveries


Frank Mason and the Navy League

The oil and watercolour paintings that Frank Mason painted for the Navy League are amongst his finest naval pictures.

Published in full colour in the Navy Magazine, the WW2 naval scenes were commissioned as moral boosting images for the British public.

A superb example with the title “If Hitler Comes” painted in 1940 was recently acquired from an American auction by the Mitchell Collection. It is to be included in a forthcoming exhibition of Mason’s naval pictures scheduled for the Autumn of 2018. Full details have now been announced - see the Exhibitions page on this website.


Wind in the Offing - watercolour - Exhibited Sporting Gallery 1936, No 124

 A fine group of works by Mason were sold at Chiswick Auctions on 22nd March 2016, lots 66-75. They all seem to have been in the possession of Mason's commercial agent , A.E. Johnson of the Sporting Gallery.


'A Delectable Sight'

A superb Mason oil painting auctioned recently has been acquired by the Mitchell Collection.

Although entitled "Outward Bound" at the auction, this picture in fact is entitled "Churchill's Return: An Historic Crossing" and illustrates an actual naval incident.

Winston Churchill was desperate to see a real live convoy at sea, and on 13 August 1941 he left Placentia Bay, Newfoundland having signed the Atlantic Agreement with President Roosevelt.
He was on board HMS PRINCE OF WALES. with her six escorts and they caught up with convoy HX 143, which had sailed from Halifax on 5 August 1941.
Churchill persuaded the Captain of PRINCE OF WALES to take his fleet through the middle of this convoy. Churchill described what followed as a 'delectable sight', , whilst the PRINCE OF WALES is flying the signal  'Good Voyage, Churchill' [PYU, CHURCHILL]
Churchill enjoyed the experience so much, that he had Captain Leach reverse course and repeated the manoeuvre a second time!

A published colour print came to light and gave us the correct title "An Historic Crossing" [many thanks to David Noon for bring this to our attention] 


 A superb watercolour of the Herring Fleet Scarboro has just been acquired by the Mitchell Collection

It will feature in the forthcoming exhibition at Beverley Art Gallery, East Yorkshire  commencing in April 2019


The BBC have twice featured Mason posters .The most recent was on Great Britiah Railway Journeys on BBC 2 , repeated on 20/02/2018 when Michael Portillo spoke to Edward Yardley about his East Coast route railway posters 

A while ago their News website has featured a tremendous article on Mason's railway poster work for the LNER. 


This Quad Royal poster of The Coronation still holds the record for the most expensive poster by Mason sold at auction


 Mason railway posters are in big demand at auction. His 1949 image of Gorleston Harbour for his East Coast Havens series has sold at GWR Railwayania Auctions in November 2015 for £1,200.  


 The Forth Bridge poster featured on the Antiques Roadshow programme  29th November 2016 [ valued at £2000 ]